The Blooms 2013

Deep down in the forest there lived flower fairies in flower gardens, waking up with the sunrise, eating sweets, and chatting with each other. One day they had a visit from his and then. . .

Summer Blooms 2018

A former teacher, Hatsumi, has a secret. Three years after her boyfriend died, she encounters a former student and a young artist. In the night of summer, she confesses her past

The Blooms Of Banjeli 1986

The Blooms of Banjeli documents research in Banjeli, Togo on iron-smelting technology, its rituals, and the sexual prohibitions surrounding it. Including rare historical footage from the same village in 1914, it provides a unique technological record of the traditional method of preparing a furnace to smelt iron. This documentary offers an interesting approach to our understanding of the relationship between conceptions of gender and technology in traditional African society. The people of Banjeli liken the furnace to a woman's body, which is 'impregnated' by the smelter. The process of smelting is compared to that of giving birth, the furnace being the womb and the iron bloom, the newborn.

When the Buckwheat Blooms 1969

Heo, an itinerary market dealer, had a short and passionate love with a girl called Bun when he was young and still cherishes that memory in his heart. One day, he happens to meet a young market dealer who is left-handed like him. While talking to him, he finds out that the man is actually his son.

Where the Yellow Lemon Blooms 2006

By the end of 1915, during the second half of World War I, which had started by the Austro-Hungarian Empire's attack on a small Kingdom of Serbia, Serbian people, its army, and the state found themselves in the greatest tribulation in its long history. Serbia is attacked by the combined militaries of Austro-Hungarian Empire, Germany, and Bulgaria. Defending every road, every hill, every creek, during the time when every village, every plato, every crossing was becoming a historical landmark, Serbia, relying on the Allies, moved its people, its government, and its remaining troops to Kosovo--the only unoccupied part of the Serbian territory, but soon had to cross Albania in the hopes of reaching the Allies' ships in the Mediteranian.

The Day the Tree Blooms 1961

Based on a novel by Maria Majerova, this well-photographed but routine romantic drama is directed and co-scripted by Vaclav Krska. Set in a more old-fashioned time, the story centers around Lenka (Suzana Fisarskova), a young woman with a domineering, psychologically abusive father. When Lenka falls in love she suffers the ultimate injustice when her father and her family forbid her to marry the man. They see no advantage in such a union and want her to marry a wealthy local landowner instead, for obvious reasons. But Lenka is not as submissive as they think and she runs away to the city to look for the man she loves -- only to find a serious problem, though a surmountable one, is waiting for her.

Tilly of Bloomsbury 1931

A young woman falls in love with an aristocrat and tries to convince his parents that she is herself wealthy.

Russell Howard: Live 2008

Russell has been busy cementing his place as one of the hottest properties in comedy with his BBC6 Music show every Sunday, loads of Mock The Week and Never Mind The Buzzcocks on BBC2, Would I Lie To You? and Live At The Apollo on BBC1, Law of the Playground on Channel 4 and Tough Gig, The Brits and The British Comedy Awards on ITV! But it is on stage where Russell really storms it.

Twice Blooms the Flower 2015

The drama tells the story of a single mother and a man, who just woke up, with amnesia. Hawick plays a man, who had just awaken from a 6-years-long coma, has no memory of who he is but only with a memory of Yan Song being his wife. Yan Song, though, insist she has never seen that man in her life! Their encounter spins into a pure love that is filled with many questions, seeking answers that leads to the exposure of terrible secrets...

Mr Bloom's Nursery 2011

Mr Bloom's Nursery is a children's television program on BBC's brand CBeebies. Mr Bloom, played by Ben Faulks, is a gardener who helps children to get involved and inspired by nature. Each episode sees a small group of children visiting his allotment, feeding his "Compostarium" compost bin and interacting with puppet vegetables.