The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made 2005

A group of friends get together for a card game, but within 5 minutes most of them die horribly, leaving the hosts to run for their lives (and from the law). Along the way, they encounter every conceivable horror movie monster/villain, but with a new twist.

The Good in the Worst of Us 1915

Crime drama where Minnie's past overtakes her. She flees Jim to escape his bad influence. Jim shoots a man down in a burglary and demands that Minnie helps him flee.

Tim Hawkins - That's the Worst! 2015

This is the WORST. 90 minutes of terrible! From comedy legend Tim Hawkins comes an all new live concert performance featuring new stand-up comedy as well as the brilliant musical comedy his fans love and demand. That's the Worst features a full length concert from Tim, and includes a performance from John Crist, the opening act from the night of filming.

The Worst Journey in the World 2007

Docudrama based on the memoir of the same name by polar explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard. The narrator Barry Letts, best known for his tenure as the producer…

The World's Worst Place to Be Gay 2011

Scott Mills travels to Uganda where the death penalty could soon be introduced for being gay. The gay Radio 1 DJ finds out what it's like to live in a society which persecutes people like him and meets those who are leading the hate campaign.

The Wrestler 1970

A worried father tries to end the relationship that his son Andries has with the wife of a wrestler.

The Best Man 2005

When writer's block derails the literary dreams of Olly Pickering, he has to move in with his friend Murray after losing all his money. Things start to look up when Olly's college pal James asks him to be the best man at his wedding. Prior to the nuptials, Olly is drawn to a woman whom he thinks is the bride's sister -- only she turns out to be the bride, Sarah. Can Murray, who dislikes James, help get Sarah and Olly together?

Supertramp 2017

Elliot Macintosh (Bradley Crowe) is a quiet, 80's-obsessed loner from a small, suburban town. Afraid to follow his long-time passion of filmmaking and unwilling to ask out his long-time crush, Samantha Sloan (Olivia Grasso), he lets his senior year of high school go to waste. However, when an interstellar occurrence takes place on the last day of school- Elliot gets the chance to go on an epic adventure that'll give him the courage to do what his father never could- shoot for the stars. Inspired by the 80's adventure movies he grew up on, director Jacob Ferguson's National Emmy-Winning film will beg the question, "Are we truly alone in this universe?"