Danzig: [1995] Live at Fargo, ND 1995

Danzig at Civic Memorial Auditorium, Fargo, ND, USA Brand New God Little Whip Until You Call on the Dark Her Black Wings Devil's Plaything How the Gods Kill Do You Wear the Mark Dirty Black Summer It's Coming Down Cantspeak Going Down to Die She Rides Stalker Song Mother Twist of Cain Bringer of Death

The Conscience 1972

Kujtim works as a car mechanic. He makes a mistake and does not fix the brakes of a truck properly, which leads to a deadly accident. He feels guilty, but is unable to admit his mistake.

The Price of Forgiveness 2001

Mythical story about a fishing village on the south coast of Senegal. Two men in the village are both in love with the same beautiful girl.

NDA 2015

A man and a woman sign a document.

Gila Lu Ndro! 2018

Indro took an alien for a tour in Jakarta. The alien tries to find peace that can't be found in his planet.

NDA - Salassapitosopimus 2005

26-year old Satu is a high profile press officer at a leading mobile phone giant. When her former co-worker at the daily press disappears mysteriously, she fears a connection between the launch of a new mobile and a secret report how already shipped phones cause brain cancer...

End of the Dialogue 1970

The first film to ever show what life was in South-Africa under the Apartheid state. The film was released as an anonymous production under the aegis of the Pan Africanist Congress in 1970.

N'Doep 1972

Directed by Michael Meignant.

Student 1975

This film presents a harsh critique of the Koranic teaching through the tragic story of a small talibé, student of a beggar.

A Happening in the Port 1981

Someone falsifies the lab data regarding the quality of imported goods. This results in the contract with a foreign company eing broken. The suspect is a specialist who handles the contracts. With these acts, saboteurs are trying to spread doubt and insecurity.

Being... N-Dubz 2010

Being... N-Dubz is a documentary series detailing the life and times of English hip-hop group N-Dubz. The series was sponsored by Adidas Originals, and broadcast on 4Music and Channel 4 from 21 June 2010 to 18 May 2011. Two seasons of the show were broadcast. The second series focuses on the group as they travel to America to meet with top American producers. The second series premiered on Channel 4 on 13 April 2011. The series was narrated by Loose Women panelist Lynda Bellingham. The first series of the show is set for release on DVD on 24 September 2012.