Sausage Party 2016

Sausage Party, the first R-rated CG animated movie, is about one sausage leading a group of supermarket products on a quest to discover the truth about their existence and what really happens when they become chosen to leave the grocery store.

Sausage 2013

Topical issues of food ethics are played out in the simple but compelling tale of two artisan stallholders. Their idyllic market square is invaded by a slick fast-food vendor, set to steal all their customers. What new methods must these traditional providers invent to battle for their livelihoods?

Sausage City 1974

Sausage City illustrates Beckett's additive cycle process. Constantly evolving rectangular shapes provide a foundation for an environment inhabited by mutating blobs - or sausages. Sounds and shapes create a moving space that teeters on the edge between control and chaos. The ending is somewhat mystifying, pulling us out of the surreal environment and revealing its origins.

How a Sausage Dog Works 1971

Polish animated short film that uses unconventional film techniques such as cut-out, drawing, filming miscible fluids and scratched images. Also uses non-camera technique such as drawing directly on film. The film is a humorous lecture on the internal structure of a dachshund. Parodying popular lectures at the same time, it contains a message about the superiority of the products of living organisms' techniques and calls for respect for the environment.

Call Her Sausage 1933

Ben proves to be the undoing when Billy opens a new deli. Ben and Billy do a variation of the famous "who's on first" skit.

Russel Fish: The Sausage and Eggs Incident 2009

An award winning, quirky comedy starring Golden Globe Award Winner, Chris Colfer (Glee), as Russel Fish, an awkward teen who discovers he must pass the Presidential Physical Fitness Test or fail gym class and lose his admission to Harvard. With the help of his best friend Jorge, an aspiring Latino ninja, he must overcome an evil gym teacher and sociopathic bully to achieve his goals.

Harry Hill Live - Sausage Time 2014

Join Harry and Top Variety show band The Harrys as he romps through the hot topics of the day - such as how come parrots are the only birds that can be bothered to learn English?

The Adventures of the Son of Exploding Sausage 1969

The Bonzo Dog Band drive into the country in a truck, unload their equipment in some woods only to find some of it taken away by some children. They eat and play at a party, and the Bonzos play a number of instrumentals in a stable yard, including 'Rockaliser Baby', 'We are Normal' and 'Quiet Walks and Summer Talks'. At the end they are driven away in a white car. Note: No words are sung. Featured alongside the Bonzo Dog Band are the children Amanda, Jennifer and Ashley Lees, Edward Roebuck, and Olivia Smith. (BFI)

Pølse 2000

A husband and wife living under impoverished conditions far into the forest. One day they get the chance to improve their lives with 3 wishes. Based on a Norwegian folk tales.

The Sausage Factory 2001

The hilarious lives of four best buddies as they try to survive their junior year of high school. There's Zack, who's trying to win over his unrequited crush Lisa; Ted, the rich kid who can't score with his girlfriend Nancy; J.C., who gets hit on by women old enough to be his mother; and Gilby, the class clown who's always stirring up trouble.

Honky Sausages

Honky Sausages was a 1990s English comedy that aired on the BBC and Play UK about the most obscene family ever to grace the TV.