Happy Days 2007

Eight youngsters become a close-knit group after attending engineering college and sharing their experiences.

Happy Days 1926

Winnie Winkle's wee brother Perry captains a rag tag sandlot team.

Happy Days 1978

It is full of joy and kindness, it tells the life of great people, those who love each other with purity, those who share everything and those who care for each other. The music of the movie- which is cheerful when played fast and sorrowful when played gently- is perfect.. Just as perfect as those people in good old times and as the life they represent. The act is so natural that you either find yourself shed tears or laughing as loudly as you can. Every little detail is so fascinating. I do not know what more to say about this film, but it is certainly worth watching again, again and again.

Those Happy Days 2006

Set in 1992, a manager Vincent has to run a children's holiday camp for three weeks and to face the unexpected concerning the place, his colleagues, various problems linked to children about the rooms, trips, their belongings...

Happy Days 1935

Sylvie, a rich girl, learns at the same time the death and the ruin of her father. Forced to find work in Paris, she is given shelter by a medical student who soon falls for her. Another young man falls in love with her. When her benefactor gets ill and finally dies, Sylvie refuses to give the other man her heart out of faithfulness for the dearly departed. But youth commands and after a time love -but not oblivion - triumphs.

The Lords of Flatbush 1974

Directed by Martin Davidson and Stephen Verona, The Lords of Flatbush is a low budget film starring Perry King, Henry Winkler and Sylvester Stallone (who also wrote additional dialog). Set in the late 1950s, the coming-of-age story follows four Brooklyn teenagers known as The Lords of Flatbush. The Lords chase girls, steal cars, play pool and hang out at a local malt shop. The film focuses on Chico (King) attempting to win over Jane (Susan Blakely), a girl who wants little to do with him, and Stanley (Stallone), who impregnates his girlfriend Frannie, who wants him to marry her.

Happy Days 1929

Margie, singer on a showboat, decides to try her luck in New York inspite of being in love with the owners grandson. She is successful, but suddenly she hears that the showboat is in deep financial trouble, and she calls all the boats former stars to join in a big show to rescue it.

Happy Days 1980

Winnie, a woman in her fifties, is buried waist-deep in a mound of scorched earth, with just a large, black shopping bag and a collapsed parasol. Behind her and hidden from view sleeps Willie.

Happy Days 2000

Happy Days is an adaptation of Samuel Beckett's challenging absurdist drama, a play most would deem unfilmable. Faithfully adhering to Beckett's minimalist original, a black parody of love, marriage, and our search for meaning in an unfathomable universe, the piece consists of but two pathetic characters. One, wife Winnie, spends the duration of the drama half-buried in a pile of dirt; in true Beckett fashion, her predicament is never explained. The other character, husband Willie, is almost never seen. Dublin stage and screen veteran Rosaleen Linehan, in the lead, is exceptional as the trapped woman clinging to the empty, arbitrary routines and rituals of life, ever hopeful that 'this is going to be a happy day.

Happy Days 1936

Pinhead is ridiculed by the other boys on the way to the fishing hole.

Happy Days: Falling Stars

The architect, who took up arms for the first time; the celebrated actress, who was swept along by the tide of circumstances; the famous director, who even filmed the atrocities; the pianist, whose performance was followed by thunderous applause on that day of revolution in 1956. How everyday people in Hungary and in Canada lived through it. In the picture entitled: Happy Days - Falling Stars Canadian people such as Robert Hage ambassador, George Jonas writer, Anna Porter writer, Dr. Bela Fejer and Dr. Thomas Fried tell their stories about their experiences of 1956. Also appearing is the last public interview of author Gyorgy Faludy.

O Happy Days! 2013

Ten years ago, my brother Bernard got married for the second time. We all went to the wedding in Boston, where he lives. It felt as if we were four little children again with our mom and dad. I had brought along a small camera, which I began to use to film our family. I've continued to this day...

Happy Horror Days! 2018

Produced for Glass Eye Pix as part of their 2018 Creepy Christmas Film Festival, in which each short is inspired by a holiday-themed word. This film, the twenty-fifth in the series, is inspired by the word "ornament."

Happy Days Motel 2013

By chance some surreal characters arrive at the Happy Days Motel taking their grotesque stories.

Shanti Days 365 Days, Happy Breath 2014

21-year-old Misora Honzawa (Mugi Kadowaki) went to Tokyo from Aomori. Misora Honzawa happens to see Kumi (Jessica Michibata) on TV who is a yoga Instructor and model. By chance, the two women begin to live together. At first Misora Honzawa, who is easygoing, and Kumi, who is high maintenance, do not get along with each other. Because they share interests in yoga they eventually become closer and think about happiness and life.

Happy Days 1991

An unnamed hero roaming the streets of St Petersburg is befriended by a beggar with a donkey and a slightly deranged prostitute.

Happy Days 1974

Happy Days is an American television sitcom that aired first-run from January 15, 1974 to September 24, 1984 on ABC. Created by Garry Marshall, the series presents an idealized vision of life in the mid-1950s to mid-1960s United States. The series was produced by Miller-Milkis Productions and Henderson Productions in association with Paramount Network Television.

The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang 1980

The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang is an animated television series produced by Hanna-Barbera and Paramount Television and originally broadcast from November 8, 1980 until September 18, 1982.