Philip Roth: Unmasked 2013

Philip Roth, arguably America’s greatest living novelist, turns 80 on March 19. In 1959, his collection of short stories, Goodbye, Columbus, put him on the map, and 10 years later his hilarious, ribald best-seller, Portnoy’s Complaint, gave rise to the first of many Roth-related controversies in which Judaism, sex, the role of women, and the parent-child relationship would take center stage. In candid interviews, the Pulitzer Prize-winner discusses his distinctly unliterary upbringing in Newark, NJ, his admiration for Saul Bellow and Bernard Malamud, and how Zuckerman may or may not be his alter-ego. Nathan Englander, Mia Farrow, Jonathan Franzen, and Martin Garbus are among those who talk about the man and his writing. Franzen in particular praises Roth for “how brave he must have been to have methodically offended everybody and to have exposed parts of himself no one had ever exposed before.”

Philip Roth Unleashed 2014

After Portnoy's Complaint launched him as a new literary voice, not to mention a scandalous one, Philip Roth went on to be hailed by many as America's greatest living writer. Never afraid to look hard at the extremes of human experience, he has been both consistently controversial and intensely private. But now, having celebrated his 80th birthday in his home town of Newark, New Jersey, Roth, in conversation with Alan Yentob, is ready to tell the whole story in this special two-part film for imagine... Philip Roth Unleashed.

David Lee Roth: The Videos 1986

David Lee Roth videos circa 1986. Included song videos are Just a Gigolo, California Girls, Yankee Rose, and Crazy From the Heat with David Lee Roth commentary between videos. Very entertaining to DLR fans. VHS only?

Uli Jon Roth: Tokyo Tapes Revisited 2016

01. All Night Long 02. Longing For Fire 03. Crying Days 04. The Sails Of Charon 05. Sun In My Hand 06. Virgin Killer 07. Kojo No Tsuki 08. We'll Burn The Sky 09. In Trance 10. Rainbow Dream Prelude 11. Fly To The Rainbow 12. Top Of The Bill 13. I've Got To Be Free 14. Polar Nights 15. Dark Lady 16. Pictured Life 17. Catch Your Train 18. All Along The Watchtower 19. Little Wing

Joseph Roth's Grosse-Welt-Bioskop-Theater 1994

The Austrian writer-journalist Joseph Roth (1894-1939) travelled criss-cross through Europe. Hans Keller visited the same countries and places in order to make a film about the life and work of this man, who could only live in hotels. Keller creates a beautiful synthesis between Europe as Roth knew it and the present-day Europe. In the loving look at the different locations, the continuity of past and present reveals itself. Intermittently, tableaux in a copied 'Bioskoptheater' show scenes from the author's life. Finally, a film script which was once rejected by Hollywood yet comes alive.

The Rothschilds 1940

Anti-semitic Nazi propaganda "biography" of the Rothschilds, a German Jewish family whose members rose to the top of the European banking community during the Napoleonic era.

Rothkonite 2013

Experimental short based on Rothko's paintings.

The House of Rothschild 1934

The story of the rise of the Rothschild financial empire founded by Mayer Rothschild and continued by his five sons. From humble beginnings the business grows and helps to finance the war against Napoleon, but it's not always easy, especially because of the prejudices against Jews.

Rothko's Rooms 2000

Documentary on the life and works of American artist Mark Rothko

Die Rothausgasse 1928

An ill-fated love affair between a brothel waitress and a doctor's son.

Rotherham Town v Thornhill 1902

These two Rotherham football clubs eventually merged to become Rotherham United in 1925. Here, they make the best of a poor pitch that caused the match to be abandoned after 55 minutes. The Rotherham Town keeper, in white, puts in a lot of effort, if not so much skill, with the ball. Showman Albert Wilkinson, in a top hat, can be seen geeing up the coal-dusted crowds for the camera.