Bhaiaji Superhitt 2018

A kind-hearted goon decides to get his wife back by making a film on their love story, while his arch nemesis tries to thwart his plans.

Superhit Muqabla

Superhit Muqabla was an immensely popular countdown show of popular Hindi film songs that was broadcast on the Indian TV channel DD Metro of Doordarshan network, for several years in the 1990s. It was a winning formula because of its pioneering format of pep talk by a host, Baba Sehgal in its earlier days, and being one of the first interactive content programmes on air. The top 10 songs were decided every week by the polls sent in by the viewers. The response each week was immense in spite of the painstaking postcard polls compared to the SMS poll-ins of these days. The impact of the show can be imagined by the fact that it got its own award show SUMU Awards, which became hugely popular as well. It spawned a number of countdown shows on similar formats but none made an impact much like Superhit Muqabla. It was the first show to have its own theme see as much popularity and recognition as many of the songs featured in it. Simultaneously the programme was also shot in the Tamil language by the name SUPERHIT POTTI. It was aired from DD Chennai simultaneously at the same time. The Tamil version was not a dubbed version but was separately shot,edited and aired show which was hosted by many Tamil film and Television stars.