A future world where violence explodes in duels to the death...
In the year 2025, a nuclear holocaust has left New York City an irradiated, but not abandoned, wasteland. The ruined city is inhabited now by scavenger packs and telepathic mutants, who are persecuted by the elite survivors. Keeping the people pacified is the reality television program Endgame, where hunters and gladiators fight to the death.


Endgame has all the components required for a spaghetti post apocalyptic flick from the early eighties. There is the totalitarian neo-fascist regime and the police in all black military uniforms, the cynical media and the televised gladiator games, the oppressed mutant people, the cars augmented with random metal junk, the motorcycles, the machine guns and the spikey melee weapons and even a wearable crossbow. While commoners are clad in rags, action oriented characters have raided the local opera house to complete their leather and studs motorcycle garb. The future takes place in a time where men are macho men and women are madonnas to the extent that the female lead perseveres through a rape by a silverfish villain while telepathically ensuring the male hero that everything is okay. It is cheesy with bad dubbing and the scenery is shifting from industrial areas and concrete vaults to sandpits and more sandpits. Apart from the aforementioned disturbing moments of discarded standards, Endgame is a surprisingly consistent and action packed movie that does not slow down or get boring. There are many moments for your own observations and riffs without breaking the spell. Finally the poster art has very little similarity with the actual movie and is at best "inspired by" - as also required by this particual subgenre.

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